Driven by technology

Technology keeps evolving, so does the treatment of cancer. As radiotherapy technology gets more advanced, the need to control that everything is working according to specifications increases.

New technologies like VMAT and FFF now push the limits of what Linear accelerators can deliver, SRS can be delivered with greater precision than ever and more imaging is involved to enhance the quality of every treatment. We supply the tools to make sure that quality is maintained and that the clinical goals are achievable.

Our commitment to quality makes us focus on products that find its logical place in the everyday work at the department. Products that give the department tools to see more than before and guides them to improve their work.

We believe in products that are backed up by publications, based on great physics practices and adapted to its users based on clinical feedback, solutions that are automated and help the clinics to save time and increase quality. We provide our customers with the best possible tools, because we know what every modern clinic struggles with.

Radeq is a radiotherapy equipment company based in Uppsala, Sweden and was founded in year 2000. We strive to always supply our clients with the latest innovations within dosimetry, diagnostic QA, patient QA and Machine QA by working closely with our clinical partners in Scandinavia.


Each new day brings a new innovation within radiotherapy. Make sure you have the latest equipment with our products.