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Providing industry leading solutions and QA tools to Radiotherapy clinics in the Nordics.

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We are pleased to announce a new partnership with Civco to distribute their high quality range of patient fixation products.

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Patient specific 3D printed accessories from Adaptiiv is now part of our portfolio.

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Integrated, independent Patient and Machine QA. Integrated QA provides standardization and workflow efficiency. Independent QA removes bias, assuring more treatment and machine issues will be caught.

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Welcome to Radiotherapy Equipment

When technology takes a leap and evolves, so does the treatment of cancer

As Radiotherapy gets more advanced with higher doses, shorter treatment times and smaller and more modulated fields, the need to control that everything is working according to specifications increases. We supply the tools to make sure that quality is maintained and the clinical goals are achievable.

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Patient Safety Starts Here

Now Available: SunCHECK 3.0

PlanCHECK & ArcCHECK integration are here

In Focus: Single-Isocenter

Multiple-Target QA

Simplify the capture of multiple SRS targets using a single setup

Automate your TPS calibration

RapidCHECK + Advanced Electron
Density Phantom

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Installation of 3D Scanner in Ålesund Hospital, Norway

Our engineer Henrik Jansson is currently on site in Ålesund to get their new 3D Scanner System installed together with our friend Jesus Fernandez from Sun Nuclear.

We thank the staff at the radiotherapy department in Ålesund for helping us with getting the permits needed to travel to Norway during these times of Covid-19.

Thank you for inviting us to this beautiful town.