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The PROFILER Advantage

Sets up in Minutes and Easy to Use

  • Portable and lightweight
  • Single power/data cable
  • No pre-irradiation required
  • No warm-up required

User Calibration

  • Sun Nuclear’s proven and patented process
  • No need to send back to manufacturer

Key Benefits

  • Quick and precise beam QA measurement
  • Full field measurement instead of a single point
    • Identify startup/time dependent anomalies
  • Sets up in minutes versus hours for a water tank
  • Low signal to noise (0.15%)
  • One measurement checks multiple parameters
    • Includes flatness, symmetry, field Size, beam center, penumbra width, Light: Radiation coincidence
  • Advanced applications
    • Includes beam constancy, steering, diagnostics, collimator and rotational sag QA
  • Accepted and proven for clinical and factory settings